Fruit SummitX


Create a unique experience that features light-weight interactions, and an engaging interface. Additionally, incorporate the viewers whole body in the experience to enhance the level of engagement with the project.


A delightful art installation with natural user interactions that can encourage groups to collaborate or compete, and is always changing to intrigue people passing by.


Inactive State – Fruit fall

Single Arm Raise – Fruit continue to fall

Double Arm Raise – A bowl appears

Viewer Enters – Fruit continue to fall

Bowl Dump – Fruit begin to fall out of the bowl

Fruit Crushing – Heavier fruit crush lighter fruit

Fruit Summit – Fruit begin to pile up in the bowl

Bowl Tilt – Fruit can roll around in the bowl


Stacking Algorithm

Normal physics couldn’t be relied on to create a “Fruit Summit”. We used the Box2d library, but the default physics couldn’t create the desired effect. I created a collision based algorithm that triggered a state in the fruit. This state would create an attraction force between the fruit and the bowl. This resulted in the fruit summit seen in the installation.

Branch Hands

A branch is created when one or both hands are down, and can interact with the falling fruit. This uses the rotational force calculated between the elbow and hand to move the branch. The result is a branch positioned where the viewer moves their hand, which generally causes they viewer to put both hands up, and realize the next possible interaction with the installation.

Collaborative Bowl Holding

This feature was critical to the experience, so Nancy and I worked on it together. Nancy developed the bowl, and I worked on tracking the viewer entering and exiting the camera view. A bowl is generated when a viewer raises their hands. If they leave, or put their hands down the bowl is deleted from memory to be more efficient. This created a seamless experience for the viewers interacting with the installation.


Nancy Daguay, Chris Hosmar, Chris Heyerdahl, Travis Swan