Mars One HousingX


Communicate the potential housing solutions for the Mars One mission in collaboration with Carleton engineering students.


A visually stimulating and informative video on the potential housing solutions for the Mars One mission.

Initial Storyboard

I was collaborating with a team of design students, and a team of engineering students to create a video promoting the living spaces used on the Mars One mission. This is the original storyboard that I presented to the teams.

Shot 1 – Dragon Pod Landing
Shot 2 – Exterior with Pods
Shot 3 – Exterior with Inflatable
Shot 4 – Interior
Shot 5 – Pod Cross Section
Shot 6 – End Credits

Final Storyboard

I created further changes to the storyboard after consulting with the teams, and to keep the design team up to date on the final goal for the video.

Shot 1 – Title Scene
Shot 2 – Stair Case Base
Shot 3 – Living Unit
Shot 4 – Exterior
Shot 5 – Base Layout
Shot 6 – Pod Cross Section
Shot 7 – Material 1
Shot 8 – Material 2
Shot 9 – End Credits


Finally, an additional sequence was added to the concept after the engineering team’s research had switched focus to permanent structures. This resulted in the final renders seen below and in the final video.

Shot 1 – Title Scene
Shot 2 – Living Units
Shot 3 – Base Layout
Shot 4 – Permanent Structure
Shot 5 – Dome Construction
Shot 6 – Pod Materials
Shot 7 – End Credits


Lead Animator Chris Heyerdahl, Lead 3D Modeler Nancy Daguay, Pre-Production Designer Travis Swan, Post-Production Editor Siobhan Cordy